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    Some days I feel like Beyonce and some days I feel like Rihanna…

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  3. The resulting map of hydrogen absorption reveals a three-dimensional section of the universe 11 billions light years away – this is first time the cosmic web has been mapped at such a vast distance. Since observing to such immense distances is also looking back in time, the map reveals the early stages of cosmic structure formation when the Universe was only a quarter of its current age, during an era when the galaxies were undergoing a major ‘growth spurt’.


    But the only existing maps covering large volumes have been confined to the local universe (mapping galaxies up to distances of 3 billion light years, z = 0.3), while smaller maps have covered distances of up to 7 billion light years (z = 1). At even larger distances, where the galaxies are fainter, maps of this kind – one data point per galaxy – are far too sparse and much too inefficient to produce a high-fidelity map. In contrast, the Lyman-alpha absorption technique described here – one line-of-sight per galaxy – proves much more efficient, since it continuously probes the distribution of the cosmic web over hundreds of millions of light years in front of each galaxy, allowing an efficient way of mapping the Universe even at this vast distance.


  4. TWA Flight Center by Eero Saarinen

    photos by Alexandra Charitan

  5. Paul Jung

  8. Potheads show tonight at Design Matters, through Nov 16

    Pot Heads is a showcase of eight of the best ceramic artists working in Los Angeles today: Dora De Larios with Irving Place Studio, Kat & Roger, Mirena Kim, Heather Levine, Ben Medansky, Victoria Morris, Sunja Park, and Pilar Wiley.

  9. I have spent most of my academic and professional career working in architecture, where the idea of place is very loaded and multivalent. As such, I was always encouraged to interpret “place” in a broad sense and I suppose those meditations have embedded themselves in my thinking and hide somewhere in the layers of my work. There is a heavy influence of modern architecture in my thinking and work, which was often criticized as a movement that downplayed or intentionally ignored locality in favor of more universal aspirations. For me that somehow heightened the awareness of place - any object or building is going to fundamentally alter its context and vice versa - so a primary consideration of my work is based on the presence it might have in a place and how the place will in turn affect the perception of the work.  -Doug Johnston, Wut Mag interview

  10. KELE SS15