1. newyorker:

    Michael Schulman remembers Joan Rivers:

    “Everyone who called her the Queen of Mean was missing the point: life is what’s mean, and she was here to let us know how funny that is.”

    Credit Photograph Ruth Fremson / The New York Times / Redux

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  2. jrdywrdy:

    POLIÇA | You Don’t Own Me

  3. Sexual harassment has been a growing problem in Egypt over the last couple of years, especially in Cairo. UN Women reported last year that over 99% of Egyptian women have suffered from sexual harassment in their lifetime, and about half of all women report facing harassment on a daily basis. The Thomson Reuters Foundation also recently named Egypt the worst country for women in the Arab world.


    How this was made: http://egyptianstreets.com/2014/09/02/hidden-camera-shows-haunting-stares-women-face-on-egypts-streets/

  4. underneathalemontree:


    Wolfgang Tillmans, ‘Central Nervous System’

    “Making a portrait is a fundamental artistic act and the process of it is a very direct human exchange. The dynamics of vulnerability, exposure, embarrassment and honesty do not change, ever. I’ve found that portraiture is a good levelling instrument for me and it always sends me back to square one.”

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  10. Alexa Karolinski for FvonF

    You don’t feel like it’s the center of the world in LA. It’s totally ok, and it gives you perspective.